Franklin County Virginia Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center has various types of trainings, free of charge, to offer groups, agencies, schools, churches, and citizens in our community.

  1. Domestic Violence, what is it ?
    This is an overview of what domestic violence is and how the Family Resource Center can help. (Excellent training for groups and organizations.) (1 hr)
  2. Domestic Violence In the Workplace
    This training is ideal for supervisors, floor managers, or any group of people that oversee individuals on a job site.
    • It identifies red flags to look for in an abused person and/or an abuser.
    • It covers what domestic violence is and how it affects a company when one of its employees is a victim.
    • Statistics on domestic violence in the workplace.
    • How they can help a possible victim, referrals and information. (2hrs.)
  3. Red Flags for domestic violence in children
    This training is excellent for caregivers. (2hrs.)
  4. Paws-ative Protection for Pets
    This training is intended to help the public become more aware of how the abuse of family pets are related to and lead into domestic violence.  (1 hr.)
  5. Stress & Anger Managment 
    This training is intended to help the individuals be more aware of how stress effects their system, health and even those around them; then how to identify and manage those stressors in their life for a healthier lifestyle.  (2 hrs.)

      Public Speaking

One goal of public speaking and community education is to teach individual people how to handle problems in a relationship before the

relationship becomes abusive. Thus the Family Resource Center collaborates with other agencies to provide programs on a variety of

topics such as healthy relationships, stress, planning an escape, and how to help a friend. Additional programs are designed to educate

the community about services provided by FRC.

~FRC staff is available to speak with or to organizations and groups about issues relating to domestic violence or about FRC services~


Please call the Family Resource Center at 540-483-5088 for more information on any of the services listed above.