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What Are The Roles of A Court Advocate?

What is Family Abuse?

Family abuse is any act of violence, force, or threat, including forceful detention, which results in an offensive touching, physical injury or places you, a family member or household member in reasonable apprehension of bodily injury. If you are a victim of family abuse, you may request a protective order against members of your family or household, former spouses or persons with whom you a child in common.

What is a Protective Order?

A protective order is a document issued by a court to help you protect yourself, your children, and other family or household members from someone who is abusing you. A protective order can help set clear limits with an abuser and send a strong message that abuse is wrong. A Protective order is a civil legal remedy for family abuse.

The Three Types of Family Abuse Protective Orders are:

In order to be eligible for a protective order, you must attest to having been subjected to or the victim of "family abuse". This means you have experienced being hit, kicked, punched, shoved, bitten, burned, sexually assaulted, held against your will, forcefully restrained, hit with an object, threatened with a gun or other weapon and any of these things caused an injury to your body; or someone in your family threatened to do any of these things and you are in fear of them.