Franklin County Virginia Family Resource Center

Intern Program Information

FRC will welcomes the request for an Internship with our Program. We will host up to three interns per year. If you are interested in doing an internship with our organization you may contact the Director at the office number, 483-5088 for details. Be sure to know your program stipulations/criteria to be met during internship when you call.

If we are not able to meet your needs, we will often have the ideal agency to refer you to who can.

Any intern for FRC will have to undergo the full 40 hours training expected of all volunteers as we are a state accredited domestic violence program; with this comes the responsibility to provide maximum training to all who will work face to face with our clients, either as a volunteer or intern.


Interns - 2015

Hi, my name is Christina Cabalero. Interning at the Franklin County Resource Center was an incredibly learning experience. It was also my first time working from a Domestic Violence care perspective. I was given a difference lens to help me see that this is a very judged and stereotyped population that often is not aware of the resources that are very available to them, through this agency (as well as others like it). But since the Franklin County Resource Center is the only resource like itself in the small town of Franklin County, its mission gives it additional meaning. I enjoyed learning from the other professionals and gained more experience shadowing, co-facilitating, and developing my own psycho-educational groups, which are available to the public. Thank you Franklin County Family Resource Center, for all you taught me.



My name is Haley Dillon and I graduated this past May (2015) from Jefferson College of Health Sciences with my Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Sciences. I plan to return back to school for my Registered Nurse Degree very soon. I am very thankful that I have graduated from college with my Bachelors because it has taught me many things. It has also made structure in my life. It’s taught me time management and a lot of life lessons that I don’t know if I would have learned as quick if it hadn’t been for my college experiences. I am also glad that the college I attended gave me the opportunity to be an intern for the Franklin County Family Resource Center. I have such a strong passion for domestic and dating violence. I one day hope to be an advocate for those who are suffering in an abusive relationship. It takes a team to really work through the problems that a community is addressing when it comes to domestic violence. I really want to help those feel that they have a voice and they can stand up for what they believe in. I feel very strongly for those out there who need not only my help but the whole teams help (social workers, case managers, law enforcement, etc.) Being a part of the Franklin County family Resource Center taught me A LOT. I learned so many different things from so many different “parts” of the team. I interned with one of the case managers at the Center and learned a lot about the legal system and a lot about those things that no one’s ever told me about; the silent symptoms per say. I also was able to be with the Court Advocate and she taught me ways on how to keep clients safe when attending court and making sure they get to their destinations safely. The staff of the Franklin County Resource Center was always so helpful and friendly; they were also very supportive in the questions that I had, they never made me feel less just because I was an intern. If given the chance, I would intern at the Center again.



Interns - 2014

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Sparozich, and I am in my final year of my Master's in Social Work program at Radford University. During this year, I have two professional goals: to enhance my awareness of, and performance in, providing Social Work services to the Franklin County community, and to find a way to share my passion for fighting domestic/dating violence. It pains me to think of the many people who suffer every day, because of being trapped in an abusive relationship. As a social worker in this community, I want to do everything I can to help empower individuals trying to overcome this experience, finding and maintaining safety, and becoming more independent and confident.

I interned at the Franklin County Family Resource Center once before for myBachelor'sin Social Work program (with Radford University), with the Domestic Violence Court Advocate, and learned a lot about the legal aspect of helping individuals keep safe. I did not get much experience with the other areas of the agency, so when I was provided the opportunity to learn from the Domestic Violence Case Manager, about her individual, group, and outreach services, I jumped at the opportunity. This internship has been- once again- an enriching experience for me. I love working with such friendly, supportive, genuine, and knowledgeable staff, and seeing the kinds of services they can provide to individuals in our community, in action. I may only be an intern here at the Franklin County Family Resource Center, but I am a lifelong learner, and I aspire to help everyone keep safe and healthy, in all areas of their lives.



Interns - 2013

Hello, my name is NaCasha Davis. I am a senior at Radford University, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I did an internship at the Franklin County Family Resource Center from June-December 2013. My internship allowed me to work with some of the most caring, kind hearted people I've ever met. The staff members come to work each day, not for the purpose of getting a paycheck, but instead wanting to do as much as they can to help people. Furthermore, the experience here taught me that domestic violence is truly an underlying issue here in our own community. It was not until I began my volunteer work with the Family Resource Center that it became apparent to me how much of an affect domestic violence is having on the people around us. People seem to be so blind to the fact that it is going on, it could be happening right next door and although there are signs present, they still may not ever know.

After numerous hours of rigorous training, I was able to get involved hands on with domestic violence victims, under the supervision of Domestic Violence Court Advocate, Katrina Hancock. As court advocates, we would help victims go through the process of attaining protective orders against their abusers. I learned that ultimately victims need more than assistance with paperwork; they need someone that they can talk to and ultimately feel like that they can trust. Subsequently, after hearing the awful stories of what the abusers have done to the victims, you can't help but to feel their pain and want to help them to the best of your abilities. As part of my training I was also certified to perform danger assessments which would give victims an opportunity to see how severe their abuse is and how much of a risk they are to becoming not only victims of domestic violence but possibly in the future victims of homicide if they choose to continue being in a relationship with their abuser. Throughout my experience with court advocacy there was no greater feeling than that of someone giving me a simple thank you for my help; regardless of if a protective order was granted or denied, victims still felt like they finally had someone who cared enough to try to help them.
I am beyond thankful for having the opportunity to do an internship with the Family Resource Center. I have learned countless new things and met numerous influential people. I will carry the knowledge I've gained throughout this internship with me as I go onto my future career. If there was one thing that I could change after this experience, it is that the people in our community would not only become more aware of domestic violence but also, understand how much the Family Resource Center does to help.



Hi, my name is Melissa Newbill, and I am a Human Services intern with Virginia Western Community College. I will be graduating in May 2013. I interned at the Franklin County Family Resource Center from January- April 2013, I am amazed at just how much my life has changed over the course of just a few months. I have learned a great deal about my community and being a support system for domestic violence victims.

Internship has been like a diamond, in that it is multifaceted, it is also like a roller coaster with its high and lows. It has been a great experience in which no book could prepare one for. The actual hands on experience gave me the necessary tools to feel that all my years of schooling have been for this exact purpose. Working with the staff was awesome. They all welcomed me with opened arms. It was great watching them devote themselves to their clients and their community; it was very rewarding to be a part of that. They are outstanding advocates who strive to give back a portion of what was taking from each of their victims. Their hard work and dedication can be seen in every aspect of their lives.

Working with the ladies in the Stress and Anger Management gave me a since of purpose. It allowed me to get a closer look at many of the stressor that each of us face. I enjoyed facilitating the group. My hope is that I gave each of the ladies the necessary tools that will allow them to continue to identify and defeat the anxieties of life in a positive and healthy way.

I am grateful to have been able to intern here, as this experience has impacted me in more ways than one. For the first time in a very long time, I feel on top of what I am doing. It gives me great pleasure seeing the difference I can make as being a support system to the clients as well as being a voice in my community on domestic violence.



My name is Ellen Yopp. I am a senior at Liberty University majoring in Psychology with a specialization in Human Services. I did my internship at the Franklin County Family Resource Center from January-April 2013. I had the privilege to work alongside a team of dedicated employees that pour their hearts into working with victims of domestic violence. Through intensive training I was brought awareness about domestic violence like never before. We know domestic violence exists but if you, a family member, or friend is not directly affected by it then it can be easily overlooked. I worked directly with the domestic violence court advocate and learned a great deal about the court system throughout my internship. I seen what it is like to help with crisis intervention and guide clients through the process of receiving protective orders so that they may walk in freedom from domestic violence. I learned that showing empathy was one of the main objectives in working with the clients, letting them see that you understand and care about what they are experiencing as a victim.

Franklin County Family Resource Center is a great asset to the community and greatly needed, more than some may realize. Domestic Violence is happening all around us and many are affected from the physical and emotional abuse they have endured. The Franklin County Family Resource Center provides the services needed to help bring healing and hope to those who are affected by domestic violence. Through court advocacy, crisis intervention, support groups, shelter, and a caring staff, women and children can learn how to walk in freedom from domestic violence.

The experience I received through my internship will go with me throughout my life. It is heartbreaking to hear and see the stories of the victims but if there is one person that could be helped by bringing hope and freedom to their lives then it is all worth the effort. I am very grateful for the learning experience and opportunity that the Franklin County Family Resource Center has given me over these last several months. I hope to use the knowledge I have obtained during my internship to help victims of domestic violence in the future and also pass that information onto others so that they may help one more person walk in freedom, bringing hope and healing into the lives of victims of domestic violence.



Interns 2012

My name is Stephanie Sparozich, and I am a Social Work intern with Radford University (Graduating class 2012). I interned at the Franklin County Family Resource Center from January- April 2012, and had the opportunity to work with each of the staff on a variety of assignments integral to the operation of the Family Resource Center. Over these four short months, I have learned a great deal of things regarding the provision of courteous client care- because that's exactly what you get at this agency.

The Franklin County Family Resource Center provides a variety of services to Franklin County residents, and the community knows it, too. I have seen the Franklin County Family Resource Center staff work hard to get individuals linked with appropriate resources, research current material, facilitate group discussions, and advocate for clients in need. The staff here are genuine, devoted, and knowledgeable about the community in which we all live.

I am grateful to have been able to intern here, as I hope to emulate the Franklin County Family Resource Center staff's level of assistance and professionalism, with my own clients, after graduation.



My name is Vinsetta Secret-McDaniel and I am a senior at Ferrum College. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business and Spanish and will graduate in May 2012. As a member of the college's SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Club, I wrote and successfully won a grant from Wal-Mart for a Women's Empowerment Project. I requested to partner with Franklin County Family Resource Center to implement the project through facilitating a weekly group focusing on Stress and Anger Management Techniques.

Interning/Volunteering, has been a wonderful experience. I absolutely enjoyed working with the staff. They immediately welcomed me the day I walked in. They have all been a mentor to me and helped mold and shape my leadership skills while I was there.

Working with the women that attended the group sessions was a wonderful learning experience. I have learned a tremendous amount working with the women and listening to their stories. These lessons are priceless and the real world experience that I have gained could never have been replicated in the classroom. I have learned a lot about myself through the relationships that I have developed with the women who attended the group. I only hope that I was able to help them learn what they will consider useful techniques on how to deal ith life stressors and the ability to develop methods that will help them deal with stressful situations in the future.


My name is Kelli Moore. I am a senior at Liberty University majoring in Psychology. In the beginning of my Internship I was completely overwhelmed, being required to learn each and every process in the DV Program. All employees are cross-trained to a point that if someone is absent they don't skip a beat and keep right on going. All of the staff and support personnel were very supportive and understanding while I went through this learning process.

As someone who has personally dealt with domestic violence, it was both disconcerting and rewarding to be able to have some kind of understanding of what the victim(client) was feeling. This most often occurred during crisis intake or support group sessions. Even after all of the years that have passes, listening to some of the stories brought back a flood of forgotten feelings.

The FRC functions very effectively yet during slow moments, things could appear light-hearted to an outsider, for such a serious place of work. However, in the often intense environment, this behavior eases the burden of listening to heartbreaking stories of violence, drug abuse and an array of other issues. So, the light-heartedness in its moments, keeps the team from becoming overwhelmed and possibly drained. There is sometimes a tendency to take some of these stories home with you and even find yourself worrying if a client would make it through the night. As an organization where staff may be considered the rescuers, they found it very important to empress upon me to remember to be empathetic while maintaining a safe level of sympathy.

I would recommend an internship at FRC to any student who is interested in working in the area of domestic violence, dual crisis (co-dependencies), crisis or trauma counseling.